Friday, August 19

Vista Print & My Room

I ordered some things from Vista Print and they arrived yesterday!! I AM SO EXCITED TO USE THEM!! I have never used these items before, but I think it's a great idea. I got inspiration from Mrs. E at The Sweet Life of Third Grade and Tara at 4th Grade Frolics. Thanks Ladies!!

I was able to get into the building today. I wasn't, however, able to get a whole lot done. I had my little girl with me who was running around opening cabinets because none of the toys we brought were exciting enough for her. I also wasn't able to get a whole lot done because the room was disgusting! I had to wipe things down that were covered with a plastic table cloth too! I still haven't finished wiping things down, so I didn't take any after shots because they would look the same. I am really excited to get things put together!

#1. This is the view from my door looking to the right. You're looking at my desk in the back. The red bulletin board is the ONLY thing I was able to redo today (this is a before shot)!

#2. This is the view from my door looking straight into the room. I have 4 shades on windows that look out into a courtyard. Most rooms have 6 shades, but due to an addition they took those windows out. SO I use that space for my ginormous word wall!

#3. This is the view from my door to the left. Those cabinets were installed last year. I am SO very lucky! Oh, that is my beautiful daughter too!

#4. A view from the "back" of the room looking at the whiteboard directly in front, and the Promethean Board to the right.

#5. This is a picture from the "front" of the room, standing at the whiteboard, looking to the cabinets. The door is on the left along with a sink on the back wall to the left.

#6. My redone bulletin board. It's so small, I am going to use it this year for the calendar and birthday chart. I have brown fabric on the board as well as my stitches border.

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