Tuesday, August 16


I have been sucked into the Pinterest world.

I love it!!

I have had a to-do list in Word for a long time now. It has ideas that I want to try, tasks I need to complete, and some fun stuff to look at. Basically, Pinterest! Now I can put a pin in things and they don't have to use space on my hard drive!!

There is one problem, I can't remember where I a have gotten some of the things on my list. So I can't go back to them and put a pin in them :( That's ok, I'll just keep searching for things and Pin new ideas!

Also, I just (literally, JUST) got an email from my principal saying I could get into the building! I am so freaking excited!! Too bad I can't get int there on the weekends!

You all of have been so inspiring. I can't wait to get things into place!

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