Monday, August 22

Meet The Teacher Monday

I'm Blog Hoppin' is hosting Teacher Week 2011! I am really excited to get to know those who are inspiring me, and hope you will learn a bit a about me too!

Tell us a little about yourself.
My name is Teresa and am married to a wonderful man named Brian. We have a beautiful and curious little girl, Adelle, who is a year and a half. I sing, play the Wii, read, and watch movies too. I love to scrap, make cards, cook (and eat :) as well as getting outside to discover the world with my family. Everything looks brand new when you experience it through the eyes of a child.

You might not know...
When I was little, I wanted to follow in my Dad's footprints and be a barber. I wanted to own my Dad's barber shop. I wanted to go to work with him every day until it was time for him to retire with my Mom. Seeing how he made kids feel every time they stepped into his shop was awesome and I wanted to be a part of it. I wanted to be the next Children's Barber. Unfortunately, my Dad had to retire long before I was able to help him at the shop. He is one of the reasons I became a teacher though!!

What are you looking forward to this school year?
Besides meeting my students... everything! I've been reading about the Daily 5 and am excited to implement it into my routine. I have also been busy working on projects this summer; I am excited to use them as well! I have a student teacher this fall, my first one ever, and I am excited to just get back into the curriculum! Besides, I love the smell of new, sharp, pencils! :)

What do you need to improve?
While I welcome constructive criticism, I take it to heart. I would like to work on letting more things slide off my back. I am a great teacher, I don't need to be as critical of myself as I am!

Another thing I would like to improve, is documenting! I feel as though I assess students a lot. I don't always write things down like I should, this can become a problem when it comes time to report for RTI and PLCs! I have thought of a few strategies (in case one doesn't work)... we'll see how it goes!

What supplies can you *NOT* live without?
There are so many things I love...

My Elmo: Showing kids EXACTLY what you want or EXACTLY what something looks like is key. I love it!

Sharpies & Flairs: I use Sharpies and Flairs for everything! Charts, labels, notes, assessing... everything!

Sticky Notes: I use these for every subject. My students use them, I use them, we all love them!

My iPod: I have a bunch of music on my iPod specifically for my students. We listen to music throughout the day and I find the students are more attentive when it's on.

This is not a supply, but I can't live without my teaching partner! She is an amazing teacher and person. I have learned so much from her in the past few years and we work really well together. We do a lot together and I am looking forward to another year with her across the hall!!

Now it's YOUR turn! Answer the questions and link up!!


  1. This is my first year teaching third grade in a long time. I am also implementing Daily 5 this year. I am looking forward to it. I was able to see them over the summer and they rocked my world.

    I had a student teacher last year for the first time. She was a God send. I had 30 students in a 4/5 split classroom.

    Good luck this year!

  2. I agree, I don't know what I'd do without my ELMO!