Saturday, June 8

A Year Ago...

Almost a year ago I was writing blog posts, creating things to add to my classroom, and getting ready for school to start.

I am now here, after a crazy busy year full of field trips, performances and getting to know my amazing students, writing another post. I haven't been on here since last summer and I am sad about that. I love reading other teacher posts, learning from you and getting inspired by you!! That is why I started writing here.

I am going to try my best to post something new every week! {I completely wanted to say I'd post something every day, but I thought that was being too optimistic!}

So my new thing this week is that my school year ended yesterday and I am sad. My students were amazing!! They were happy, independent, hilarious, and full of wonder. We learned so much and everyone was sad to go yesterday. I am already planning for next year and getting things on my To-Do List for the summer.

I am so excited!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful year!!

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