Monday, May 28

The End

The end of another school year is upon us. There is so much to do and so little time!!

I have to gather things for summer session (at another school), pack up my room for the summer, finish report cards, finish end of the year testing (really?!), and send notes to my kids. WHEN will I be able to do all of this by June 8th?! Arrgh!

Oh wait, I have amazing cabinets in my classroom that hold a bunch of my stuff. Packing shouldn't be too difficult and my parents have agreed to store my items for summer session until I need it (June 15th). The testing, report cards and notes for my kids can be finished during the next week, prep times and at night while watching reruns of Friends or How I Met Your Mother.

Come to think of it, the end of the year isn't looking too horrendous after all.  Now I just need to remember to take pictures of everything before I pack it away!!

Is there anything you do at the end of the year for your kids?

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